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A NES game developed using cc65, a C compiler for 6502-based systems such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). NES-Pack is a 2D platforming game inspired by the 1993 DOS game Jetpack. It was first released in 2016, with occasional updates since.

A free download of the game is available here - it can be played in any NES emulator.

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Android C++ Engine (Demo)

Android (C++)


A project to develop a game engine template for Android systems, using the Native Development Kit.

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Terraria Mobile

iOS/Android (C++)


During an internship period at Codeglue B.V., in Rotterdam, I worked on the mobile version of popular indie sandbox game Terraria.

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Procedural Island Terrain (Demo)

PC (C++)


Showcasing a completely procedurally generated island environment.

Island shaped by Perlin noise on a demisphere, textured with a grass texture algorithm and colored Perlin noise for the sand and rock textures. Water textured by Worley noise and a Voronoi diagram. Also showcases procedurally generated brick textures.

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OpenCL Procedural Terrain (Demo)

PC (C++)


Using OpenCL to generate a terrain heightmap on the GPU, using the Diamond-Square algorithm.

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Arkanoid for PlayStation Vita (Demo)

PSVita (C++)


A PlayStation Vita port of Arkanoid, developed in nine weeks, in a basic 3D engine written from scratch.

Stock Arkanoid power-ups such as size-shifting powerups and triple balls, are supplemented with new ideas such as striking the blocks with lightning through the touch screen and warping blocks around using the PlayStation Vita's internal gyroscope.

Developed as a console programming class project at NHTV Breda.

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Relic Robbers

PC/PS4 - PhyreEngine (C++)


A four-player maze game, developed on PC and PlayStation 4 in 14 weeks using Sony's PhyreEngine with a team of 18 developers.

Each player has to collect treasures in a pyramid and attempt to escape, while being either aided or hassled by the other players.

Developed as a GameLab project at NHTV Breda.

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