Wout van Poppel Generalist Game Programmer

The first game project developed with a team at NHTV Breda.

Made in Unity3D without any prior knowledge or usage of it, with a team of 8 other new students, with me as sole programmer, in 14 weeks.

In "Carrot Carnage", the protagonist is a rabbit armed with a shotgun and various other heavy weaponry whose goal is to turn the hunter - a wave of foxes - into the hunted.

As this was everybody's first time in team game development, 3D game development, and Unity3D game development, our team came through many hardships to deliver a satisfactory product. A lot of things about crunch time were learned.


  • Date: 2012-2013
  • System: PC
  • Engine: Unity3D
  • Language(s): C#
  • Dev time: 14 weeks (one day per week)
  • Project team: 9 developers
  • Tag: School