Wout van Poppel Generalist Game Programmer

A NES game developed using cc65, a C compiler for 6502-based systems such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

NES-Pack is a 2D platforming game inspired by the 1993 DOS game Jetpack It was first released in 2016, with occasional updates since.


The objective in NES-Pack is to navigate several maze-like levels collecting all the gems that appear in each, and then heading to the completion point. The player can collect power-ups in the form of fuel which grants our hero the ability to fly and also move faster. Hindering the player are gaps and obstacles that need to be jumped or flown over, barriers that can appear or disappear, and enemies that are also capable of flight themselves.

A free download of the game is available here - it can be played in any NES emulator.


  • Date: 2016-2023
  • System: NES
  • Language(s): C
  • Dev time: unknown
  • Solo project
  • Tag: Hobby