Wout van Poppel Generalist Game Programmer

A four-player maze game, developed on PC and PlayStation 4 in 14 weeks using Sony's PhyreEngine with a team of 18 developers.

Each player has to collect treasures in a pyramid and attempt to escape, while being aided or hassled by the other players.

Developed as a GameLab project at NHTV Breda.

I was the primary interface programmer for the PhyreEngine version of this game, implementing the rotating, three-dimensional mini-map in the center of the screen as well as displaying the players' movement and exploration on said minimap.


  • Date: 2014
  • System: PC, PlayStation 4
  • Engine: PhyreEngine
  • Language(s): C++
  • Dev time: 14 weeks (one day per week)
  • Project team: 18 developers
  • Tag: School